Picture you’re in a 6v6 FPS match, where half of your team has already been wiped out by a sniper doling out headshots like they were Pez, and you’re just around the corner, inches away from the enemy team. You’re waiting for your teammates to respawn and come back to you, but for the time being, it’s now 3 versus 6, and your other two teammates are waiting to strike. You hear gunfire, environmental ambience, the music you decided to put on, and none of it fazes you: you’re focused and tuned-in to the game so much that the noise and music are almost non-existent.

You say “screw it” and go for it. You move away from your wall of safety and into battle. You notice the sniper on the top left of your screen, tucked in the corner of a doorway. You spray with your rifle -- he’s out. You start moving to the right, the sounds of gunfire ringing in your headphones, and in front of you, a player is rushing at you with his pistol. You take cover for a moment, gain your composure, and you shoot. That player is gone -- and you see that your once dead teammates have respawned and taken position beside you. Game on.

And... you wake up, realizing that it’s all a dream. Let’s face it: your skills could use a little bit of fine-tuning and preparation.

So many distractions can happen during gameplay such as players yelling into microphones, music, sound-effects, an annoying cat, anything. The ROG AURA game is a training game that tests your dexterity and your concentration. It’s not about timing the orbs to the music -- it’s about making sure you hit all of them despite the music and the sound effects. With each hit, you gain a little bit of your AURA Sync Power Gauge, which allows you to increase your score tremendously for a short period of time -- it’s all about timing your keypresses and managing the distractions.


Who needs a tutorial? Well, we did the first time, since this is not your normal “ASDF and sometimes, E” keyboard game. You’ll use 4 keys, D, F, and J, K, to strike the orbs until your meters fill up, and activate AURA SYNC Power with the Space Bar when all of the meters are full.
If you’re picking it up on mobile, it's a bit more straightforward -- you use two thumbs to strike the four product buttons, and when their meters are charged, hit the AURA logo in the left corner to kick in the point-multiplier.

Sounds simple enough, right?
Then what are you waiting for? Show us your moves and challenge your friends to beat your score. Check out the game here, but remember to hit up this page from time to time for some other interesting things we will have going on during the launch of our new game (it might just have something to do with the items shown in the game).