Imagine having a LAN party with your friends at your house. Now imagine that, times 100, and that is LAN ETS: the biggest LAN Party event in Canada. ASUS ROG will be there as one of the Diamond sponsors for the event -- the main stage, the monitors (ROG Swift PG248Q) and the desktops (ROG G20CB), all of that is brought to you by yours truly, ROG.


What is LAN ETS?
LAN ETS is a non profit organization which host every year the largest LAN Party event in Canada with 1800+ BYOC seats and 2000+ competitors on site. Each year more than 2000 gamers compete in several tournaments for their chance to win over $35,000 in prize money.


What are we doing at the ROG Booth?
What’s a LAN party without games, setups, and more? In the spirit of LAN’ing, we’ll be bringing in our machines such as the GL553, GL753, GL502, and the beastly GT51 for you to play on-- for free! Chill with us and play a game of Overwatch or two, score some goals in Rocket League, or BFG your way through a DOOM multiplayer match, whatever you want! And of course, feel free to go 1v1 on your friends in CS:GO on our G20 systems as well! You never know: you might be able to win some cool swag by doing so!

Still itching to try out VR? We got you: we’ll be having demonstrations on our G752 gaming laptops so you can experience and immerse yourself into many VR games.


Where is it? When is it? Give me the details!
LAN ETS will take place on Friday, February 10th till Sunday, February 12th at Place Bonaventure in Quebec! You can check out their website here for more information and for what you can bring to the event!

Can’t make it to the event? Not to worry -- you can follow them on both Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date info and cool happenings!