We’re counting down to BlizzCon® (November 4-5, in case you haven’t been paying attention) and excited to give you a download of everything we have going on in the ROG booth! 


Choose your own adventure in the ROG booth and take part in any number of mind-blowing and/or trading card-earning activities!

Trading card? What trading card? I’m glad you asked -- when you complete specific activities, you’ll earn a limited-edition ROG BlizzCon trading card, which has three important things:

  1. One of four unique character art designs, available only at BlizzCon
  2. A URL to our Newegg store that has show-only promotions
  3. A unique code that you’ll type into our prize vending machine (located near guest services) to receive a random prize ranging from ROG / BlizzCon-exclusive swag up to an ROG Strix GL502 GAMING LAPTOP. The vending machine will dispense a prize box, inside which you’ll either find a swag prize, or a note telling you what you’ve won and to come back to the ROG booth to claim your prize.

Ok, so MAYBE three important things wasn’t quite enough. Here’s a full(er) list of what you could win out of the ROG vending machine:

In addition to amazing, limited-edition ROG/BlizzCon swag, you could also win: ROG Strix GL502 gaming laptops, X99-A II + Core i7-6850K bundles, Z170-Pro + Core i7-6700K bundles, Intel 750 Series SSDs, ROG Claymore Core mechanical keyboards, VG245H gaming monitors, ROG Gladius mice, and Newegg promo codes & gift cards. 


Yep, we’re excited too.

So without further ado, here’s a rundown of what we’ll have in the booth:

  1. Don an Oculus Rift headset powered by the muscle of the ROG G701 17.3” gaming laptop, and take 360-degree virtual tours of the Blizzard campus. Keep an eye out because in each tour, there will be an ROG figurine hidden. Find the figurine and win yourself a collectible trading card.
  2. Play on one of three ROG G752 laptops in the Starcraft® II: Legacy of the Void™ / Overwatch™ / Heroes of the Storm™ freeplay area. Newly-launched with GeForce® GTX 10-series graphics, these laptops epitomize desktop replacement … with gusto!
  3. You haven’t seen Overwatch until you’ve played it on an ultra-wide curved monitor … times two! This expertly-built Puget Systems workstation pushes not one, but two gaming systems outputting to ROG Swift PG348Q monitors at 3440 x 1440 @ 100 Hz with G-SYNC to boot.
  4. Game like a pro (and with a pro … more details coming) to win ROG trading cards at our ROG bonafide eSports desks, complete with custom ROG gaming chairs and ROG Swift PG248Q G-SYNC monitors driven by the ROG Strix GL502 -- the official laptop of BlizzCon.
  5. The ROG G20, GT51 and G11 embody the DIY prowess of ASUS components in different prebuilt form factors. Running 6th gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processors and GeForce® GTX 10-series graphics, these desktops fill out half the team for our daily BlizzCon-versus-Internet Overwatch challenge. Play to earn yourself a trading card. Win and get two trading cards.
  6. The other half of the Overwatch team will deploy on (over)Powered by ASUS partner systems. Custom-built to exacting standards in the name of running circles around every game on the market, these rigs are the ultimate case-in-point to justify the existence of PCMR.


Make sure you also visit the workshops in the Newegg booth, as they’ll be rewarding you with trading cards for attending!


See you at the show!