Alongside Kephrii and MaximianDood, we have one more streamer joining our ROG Stream Team! Give a warm ROG welcome to Grimmmz!


“Hey everyone! My name is Brian but I'm known by my long time alias, ‘Grimmmz’. I started out on Youtube and eventually made my way onto Twitch (which I'm currently doing), and have been a streamer for 3+ years. My passion for video games exceed anything else I have ever pursued in life, and has been the sole reason why I broadcast some of my favorite games, especially nostalgic titles I grew up with. My dream is to continue to share my favorite moments with the best people on Earth, YOU guys.”

During last year’s Twitchcon in San Francisco, CA, Grimmmz competed against many players during the event’s H1Z1 Invitational and placed 1st in Game 2 of the tournament. He proceeded to walk away with almost $20,000 in cash from the Invitational’s $173,320 prize pool. To bring his gaming experience to the next level, ASUS will be providing Grimmmz with a ROG Strix GTX 1080 and more to enhance both his gaming and streaming experiences. If you want to see Grimmmz’s Twitch Channel, you can find it here along with his Twitter and Facebook Page!


“ASUS has been the most impactful brand to me over the past years of gaming. Everything from Monitors to Video cards, coming from fighting games and into the world of PC enthusiasts. I've always had the best experience with them. I'm extremely excited to keep moving forward to see what new tech will be unleashed and utilization for the best possible experience on stream.”

Join Grimmmz, Kephrii, MaximilianDood on our official ROG Stream Team Page on Twitch along with other awesome players we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks!