The first year of the Call of Duty World League (CWL) has been absolutely phenomenal so far. It was no surprise when OpTic Gaming dominated Stage 1, with Rise Nation coming in second. As I am writing this article, we are currently going into Week 6 of the Stage 2 Regular Season, so let’s talk about the present battle at hand.

As expected, currently OpTic Gaming is once again holding the first place throne, with Rise Nation close behind in second place and FaZe Clan holding third. Cloud9 is barely clinging on to eighth place with Luminosity Gaming right behind them in ninth; these two teams are nearly tied so it will be a close fight for survival. The bottom four teams currently consist of Luminosity Gaming, compLexity Gaming, Hundred Thieves, and Team SoloMid. Whomever is in the bottom four will be kicked into Relegation, where they fight to the death against the top four teams from the Online Qualifier to see which four continue on into Stage 3. It will be interesting to see who makes it in.


With Stage 2 came a lot of sudden, drastic changes. For example, Nadeshot, who is arguably the most influential member of the competitive Call of Duty community, left OpTic Gaming to create his own team: Hundred Thieves. This left many fans feeling shocked and homesick, but others are supportive and ecstatic for some change. However, Nadeshot’s new team is struggling in this Stage with a current ranking of eleventh place. Going from the fan favorite team, OpTic Gaming, to an eleventh place drop is extremely gut wrenching to some of his most devoted followers.

OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan are two of the most well-known teams in the entire competitive community. They often go head-to-head against each other in some of the craziest matches the community has seen. For example, during last night’s game FaZe was sweeping the floor with OpTic in a 2-0 win, then suddenly, OpTic came in with a reverse sweep-down and won three-straight games, beating FaZe with a 3-2 score. Fans went wild to see the number one team so close to losing, just to come back and absolutely destroy FaZe. OpTic has been known as the number one team for years, and so far in the Call of Duty World League they’ve taken first in every competition, including Stage 1 Regular Season, Stage 1 Playoffs, and now they are holding first as we advance into Week 6 of the Stage 2 Regular Season with a 8-2 Record and an 80% win percentage. The competitive Call of Duty community is thriving like never before in Black Ops 3!


The current standings for Stage 2 are (in order, starting from first place to twelfth) OpTic Gaming, Rise Nation, FaZe Clan, H2k-Gaming, Team EnVy US, Dream Team, Team eLevate, Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming, compLexity Gaming, Hundred Thieves, and Team Solo Mid. It will be interesting to see how the standings change before the playoffs. I have a feeling OpTic will be taking the crown once again this Stage 2, since Scump has been playing better than ever before.

Speaking of Scump, I haven’t even mentioned any of the players. The rosters for the teams in Stage 2 are definitely interesting and you can find them on the Call of Duty World League website. I would like to specifically call out the OpTic Roster, which includes Scump, FormaL, Crimsix, and Karma. They are four of the best players OpTic has. Scump is known to be the “God” of Call of Duty, and he is continually proving himself every match.


All in all, I am super pumped to continue watching this Stage of the CWL and the many years to come. It is my bet that OpTic will come in first during the playoffs, with FaZe in the top three and probably Rise Nation. I am so anxious to see who will be placed in the bottom four and have to come back and fight for their chance to continue on into Stage 3. Who do you think will take the crown this year? Let us know!