“It’s high noon” is one of the most terrifying ultimate sounds in Overwatch and probably one of the most iconic. The amount of jokes and memes being born out of McCree’s ultimate sound effect has flown through the internet just about as fast as he can delete you in the game itself. McCree is one of the most popular Overwatch heroes at the moment and it’s for good reason. He does extremely high damage, has good single-target accuracy, and can instantly burst down almost any enemy hero in the game – including tanks! Not to mention, his ultimate is one of the only in the game that can (even though incredibly unlikely) insta-kill an entire enemy team in the blink of an eye. While there are players upon players discussing the power of heroes like Bastion, Mei, and Roadhog; there is one hero that almost everyone agrees is a bit too powerful – that hero being McCree, obviously. So today, we are going to discuss what makes McCree such a powerful hero, where his weaknesses lie, and what Blizzard can do to put him in a more balanced state.


Strengths -
The main strengths of McCree lies in his ability to delete almost any character in Overwatch. A quick flashbang combined with his right click AKA Fan the Hammer will certainly mean death to just about any hero. If somehow the hammer spread doesn’t kill the person you were trying to, a quick roll will reload your revolver allowing you to do it once again. Not only this, but his single-shot is extremely accurate with no spread or travel time whatsoever. Being a good shot and landing numerous headshots can deal with many heroes at range. Overall his single target damage and burst is what makes him so incredibly strong.

Weaknesses -
The weaknesses of McCree are both his lack of mobility, as well as his squishiness. The McCree player needs to be skilled to land good long-range shots as it is very easy to miss, but it is near impossible to miss a point-blank flashbang/Fan the Hammer combo. However, if you were to miss your combo, you become a sitting duck. At only 200 Health and no form of major escape for a flanking character, you can be removed from the battle very quickly. One Hanzo/Widowmaker headshot, Roadhog grab, Reinhardt pin, a few Junkrat/Pharah shots will easily put you down. Also heroes like Genji can reflect your combo back at you, causing even more problems. Your single-target damage may be high, but if you’re unsafe you will definitely be removed.

McCree | Overwatch

What can we change?
McCree is a flanking character without any mobility or protection, the only one in the game that is like this. Other flanking heroes like Tracer, Genji, and Reaper all have a form of movement ability or some way to keep themselves alive. You may think that McCree’s tumble is a movement ability but the distance traveled is so small it’s mainly only for reloading your weapon. I believe what needs to happen is a damage adjustment on his Fan the Hammer skill, specifically.
What I propose is a simple number tweak on his revolver. It does 70 damage up-close with it dropping off at a distance. Landing all 6 shots will of course yield 420 damage with headshots doing double the normal amount. Dropping the damage of his Fan the Hammer to a maximum of 60 but keeping his regular shot at 70 will keep McCree’s long-range potential but help reduce his burst.

maxresdefault (2)

You may think this is a very small change. However when the math is done, 3 x 70 is 210 damage: allowing him to kill most offensive heroes. 3 x 60 is 180 damage: meaning he would need a minimum of one more shot to kill a target. This of course does not factor in headshots, but the changes made can mean a lot to the larger health targets like tanks. There is a good chance that with this change he will still dominate low-health squishy targets, but it will reduce his capability of killing enemies with 250+ health.

The math is as follows:
Pre-Change -
1 x 70 = 70
2 x 70 = 140
3 x 70 = 210 - Minimum to kill all offense/support heroes (excluding Reaper)
4 x 70 = 280 - Minimum to kill all 250 heroes
5 x 70 = 350 - Minimum to kill all but tanks
6 x 70 = 420

Post Change -
1 x 60 = 60
2 x 60 = 120
3 x 60 = 180
4 x 60 = 240 - Minimum to kill all offense/support heroes (excluding Reaper)
5 x 60 = 300 - Minimum to kill all 250 heroes
6 x 60 = 360 - Minimum to kill all but tanks


And there you have it. One of the most difficult things when it comes to balancing heroes is where to find a perfect medium between not overpowered, and not terrible. Adding a single shot to kill and reducing effectiveness against tanks I believe helps to facilitate this very well.

Thank you very much for reading, my name has been BrickyOrchid8 and for more Overwatch related content you can come right here to