This year, ASUS Republic of Gamers will be making a return to PAX West, happening September 2nd through the 5th, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.


Join the Republic Community Challenge
Ever wanted the opportunity to not only show off your skills in CS:GO, but to live the life of an eSports player for a weekend? The Join the Republic Community Challenge is a global CS:GO competition inviting all gamers to participate to be a part of a team that will play in the global finals. At PAX West, we will be holding auditions and looking for the best and brightest of the CS:GO world, who can brilliantly communicate to their team-mates and demonstrate their awesome in-game skills. Winners will be able to experience the life of an eSports team by getting to travel to the Global Finals, and having their matches broadcasted from a studio on Twitch. So grab your friends and try out for this amazing opportunity at our PAX booth! For more information, visit

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What Badass Things Can You Expect From the ROG Booth?
With the release of Pascal GPUs for laptops, you won’t be disappointed with our lineup. Play a couple of games of Rocket League with us on our desktops, or sit down with some attendees and compete in a CS:GO Tournament on our GL502’s to win some sweet swag bags. Competitive nature just not kicking in? Join us for our whacky MS-Paint tournament: that’s right, your eyes didn’t fool you with that sentence. Maybe you just want to see how powerful the G752VS OC Edition is with your own eyes and fingers: we’ll be exhibiting those with a couple of recently released titles such as DOOM, Street Fighter V and Overwatch. We will also have our Oculus demos during the event where you can immerse yourself in the journey of Eve Valkyrie, or pick some flowers (and run away from Creepers) in the newly-released Minecraft VR beta. We’ll also have more events going on at the booth throughout PAX, so come stop by and see what’s cooking!

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What is PAX West?
PAX West is every gamers’, comic-book lovers’, and tech nerds’ dream. With exhibit halls showcasing over 100+ different companies and their newest releases, rooms for tabletop, PC and console gaming, lounges for handhelds, concerts and more, you’ll find yourself immersed in one of the most awesome, rewarding and entertaining experiences ever. Plus, you can attend a multitude of different panels ran by industry leaders in the gaming, hardware and software communities, so you can be “in the know” and gain some insights. If you were contemplating about going to PAX West or just any PAX, stop contemplating and just go. PAX West is located in Seattle, but if you’re not anywhere near the West Coast, there is always PAX East and PAX South you can attend!

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Where to Find Us at PAX?
Wanna stop by the booth, say hi, audition for the Join the Republic Community Challenge and have the opportunity to grab some swag? We’ll be at Booth #2121 near Bandai Namco and Studio Wildcard!