Our Stream Team is truly a big family, consisting of many fantastic individuals who all live and breathe PC gaming, and who all love ROG. That’s why we’re absolutely over the moon in announcing our newest stream team member, Kiichi Chaos!


Heavy metal fans, unite! Kiichi Chaos, also known as Matthew Kiichi Heafy, is the lead singer and guitarist for the heavy metal band, Trivium. However, when he has the time be it on or off tour, he primarily plays Overwatch. Kiichi is absolutely excited to be a part of the team, saying:

“It is an honor to be welcomed into the ASUS ROG Twitch team. I am a newcomer to the video and streaming worlds, but I am no newcomer to games. Video games have been in my life longer than even music - and that’s saying a lot for having been in the same band for 18 years.”

"Initially trying out for Trivium at 13 years old, I made it into the band at that time, and the rest is history. I spend most of my year traversing the planet with my bandmates, bringing Metal to the masses; so it’s going to be a treat to finally be able to have a proper mobile gaming rig with me at all times.”

Traditionally, Kiichi has been playing on consoles for many years, but now we want to bring him to the awesomeness that is PC Master Race. We’re outfitting him with a Claymore Core mechanical keyboard, a Whetstone mousepad, a Gladius II gaming mouse, an Orion headset, a Ranger backpack, a VG248QE monitor, and last but not least, our newly released ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop!

“The Zephyrus is going to allow me to continue this new path in being able to connect with Trivium fans and non-Trivium fans alike on my streams over something that brings us all together just like music does: games.”


If you want to catch the action with Kiichi Chaos, you can check him out on his Twitch and YouTube channels! You can also catch him posting on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too!