Are you ready to Smash? ASUS ROG will be returning to Genesis 4 as the official monitor of the tournament!


Smash players, unite and ascend to greatness in one of the biggest Super Smash Brothers competitions in the nation! If SSB isn’t your thing, not to fear -- other tournaments will be taking place during the weekend for games like Street Fighter V, Towerfall, Rivals of Aether, and Catherine! We will not only be attending the event and watching the competition unfold, we will also be sponsoring Genesis 4 with our VG248QE monitors at the event! If you aren’t able to attend, then you’ll still have the opportunity to tune into multiple Twitch channels such as VGBootCamp, Even Matchup Gaming, 2G Gaming and more!


“Genesis 4 Returns to San Jose, and continues the tradition of the concert-style finals show featuring all the world’s top players in SSB64, Melee, and Smash for Wii U!” says Genesis 4 tournament organizer, Andrew Wu. “Come see why Genesis 3 was instantly regarded as one of the best Smash tournaments of all time”. Echo Fox’s own Mew2King and MKLEO will also be competing at the event as well, so wish them luck and cheer them on this weekend!


The event will be located at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California at 150 W. San Carlos Street. The Top 8 Finals will be located at the Civic Center next to the Convention Center at 135 W. San Carlos Street.