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How Playing Video Games Has Become a Career for Thousands

Being a YouTube entertainer, I have had the opportunity to start off playing video games as a kid just like everyone else, and turn that into a career. I’ve been able to navigate into the world of gaming entertainment, advertising and many other areas professionally that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to take part in without a college degree!


As seen all over YouTube, Twitch, and e-sport networks, gaming has taken over the online and social media space. The ability to easily record, livestream and upload content to these platforms has given gamers a huge potential to “make it” as an online creator/entertainer. Not only can you create and upload content, but these platforms have made monetization available to all users, depending on how of high view count they can achieve.

My Success Story

With almost 16 million views, 200,000 subscribers, and an outreach of 300,000 followers platform-wide I have turned a childhood dream of shouting at my TV into a career path with infinite opportunities. How did I do this? There are no life hacks when it comes to becoming a YouTube entertainer or “making it” as one. It took me years of creating terrible content and almost zero growth before being able to start seeing any results or potential at all. For several years, I created content for the simple joy of doing so. Learning the do’s and don’ts while attempting to make content you enjoy is the foundation of finding yourself as an entertainer. After meeting many like-minded, passionate creators along the journey (some who became my best friends to this day), I was collaborating, working hard day in and day out, and essentially living and breathing YouTube. When you notice an increase in views and subscribers, you can start to see something there, something that has potential and is not to be overlooked.


My entertainment career has come to the point of a beautiful stepping stone of opportunities where I get to expand to related work in fields such as music, brand integration, script writing, editing for companies, etc. Even right now, due to my popularity as an entertainer, I was given the opportunity to work on this article.

It’s a slow process for most, unless you are one of the lucky few who manage to set a trend and have your channel explode at a fast pace (which is possible). You have to love what you do regardless of the outcome. I’m not going to say everyone can do it, but I won’t say it’s impossible. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius once said.


Creating content for YouTube is one method of going about gaming entertainment, but there is also another side: livestreaming! is the most popular platform to livestream gaming. Data released today shows that 100 million monthly unique viewers tuned in to Twitch by the end of 2014, more than double 2013's milestone of 45 million.

Those viewers watched 1.5 million different broadcasters for a combined 16 billion minutes. Livestreamers tend to go live for 3-12 hours at a time earning ad revenue from the platform and a subscription % but most of the revenue earned by livestreamers comes from donations from their viewers. Though the donations are not required from viewers, they are a frill for the streamer.



Many YouTubers like myself create content that is for entertainment value. There is also a whole community of professional e-sport players that not only create content, but, just like the Super Bowl, play in competitive team competitions and can earn a fantastic living off doing so as a top-tier player.

Why Not You?

There are so many avenues to jump into the gaming entertainment world and I would recommend that if you have interest in it, go for it. With the way technology is progressing and the gaming entertainment industry as fresh as it is, it has nowhere to go but up.