You cannot have a Republic without leaders, and today, we have begun the process of picking who will represent the Republic of Gamers from the gaming, streaming and entertainment worlds. We are proud to announce the ROG Stream Team and welcome MaximilianDood as our first addition to the roster!


"Hey dudes! I'm Max, long time Youtuber, Video Editor and Twitch streamer. I've been making fighting game content since 2007, and have worked officially with companies such as Capcom and Microsoft on fighting game video projects and trailers for the past five years. Fighting games have played a huge role in my life for nearly 25 years now, and I hope to bring back the arcade experiences of the 90's through videos and live broadcasts."

Max is a huge fighting game enthusiast: he lives and breathes games like Guilty Gear, Power Stone, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter and more. ASUS will be the exclusive hardware provider for Max to help take his gaming and video production to the next level, we provided an ASUS X99-DELUXE II motherboard and a Strix GTX 1080. If you want to check out his Twitch channel, take a look here! You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter, too!


"The ASUS brand has played a huge influencing role in the fighting games I play with their low latency monitors. Along with being a full time video producer, I look forward to working with future ASUS products to create a top tier video editing rig that will support 4k video capture and the fastest render times possible using the latest ASUS motherboard and GPU technology."

Join Maximilian on our official ROG Stream Team Page on Twitch along with other awesome players we’ll be announcing in the future!