Thirty Seconds! The timer clicks down, half your team is dead, and the other half are racing back to the point. It’s make or a break time, but you’re ready. It’s time to press…Q.

With the clock in a death spiral you trigger your ult. “Ryujin no ken wo kurae!” Your blade sings amid the symphony of cries from fallen foes. “Quadruple kill!” the announcer triumphantly cries as the rest of your team arrives to finish off enemy stragglers—or straggler, because one of them just rage quit.

Sit back and enjoy a well-earned Overwatch Play of the Game amid the admiring comments of team mates and opponents. Another game, another bath in the tears of your enemies—and all of it captured in glorious video you can share.

Of course, epic gaming moments aren’t always glory and game-winning plays. There is a legend among Blizzard games that is still “celebrated” in dank memes and finger quotes to this day. It was so (in)famous that it even became an achievement in the game where it happened. Yes, we mean the one and only Leeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkins, whose overzealous and ill-timed charge into battle (accompanied by his namesake battle cry) resulted in an epic and hilarious raid wipe.

Share your legend

We want to see and share your best gaming moment, whether it’s an epic win that grasps victory from the jaws of defeat, or a catastrophic and hilarious lowlight grasping defeat from the jaws of victory. We don’t care. We just want to bask in your spectacle of skill—or hilarious misfire.

So show us what you’ve got, and the Republic of Gamers will give you a chance to win a golden ticket to BlizzCon 2017, where you and thousands of other Blizzard fans can share personal glory and/or agony of defeat – and maybe watch eSports Pros do the same in the Overwatch World Cup.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out panels with your favorite developers, check out the cosplay, video, and other contests, and kick back in the epic after-parties.

How to play

  • Submit your own original gameplay video to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the following tags:
    • Facebook - @rog.n.america #rog2blizzcon
    • Twitter - @asususa #rog2blizzcon
    • Instagram - @rog_na #rog2blizzcon
  • Give us your gamer name so we can verify your gameplay clip.

Official Rules

Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the entrants to allow ASUS to use their likeness or image in any current or future advertisement, promotion or product.
  • All gameplay submissions must be clips associated to Blizzard games only
  • Video submissions must come from the user’s owned YouTube and/or Twitch channels, as well as show the individuals unique gamer tag to ensure validity.

Click here to visit the complete official rules page.