Normally, cheating is frowned upon. So many times you will be playing a game and while you are getting into it, you discover someone is cheating and it's a deflating feeling. All things being equal, you want the deciding factor in a competitive environment to be the skill level or tactical execution.

In the Grand Theft Auto series, after playing through the entire story mission of any of its installments and possibly completing side missions, you reach what I like to call the "where do we go now?" effect. It’s an odd feeling of completion, but with of a side of confusion since you no longer have direction. The intriguing thing about this moment is even though you have probably spent 30-plus hours in this world, you want to stay but you don't know what there is to do.


So when you get to this position, GTA has cheat codes. I don't think GTA is a hard game so the cheat codes shouldn't be used to progress in a mission. In previous GTA titles, it was unrecommended to apply cheat codes and then save your game, resulting in corrupt files. Cheat codes are more used for single-player extreme enjoyment. Examples are, of course, a god mode - where no matter what you won't die. Maybe you want an instant 5-Star Wanted level and to see how long you can last. Super slow mo cheats literally give you the effect of slowing everything down for more dramatic effects. I am not a developer of GTA or any other video game franchise, but I believe that they added cheat codes for the exact purpose of the player being able to mold the sandbox that he or she is playing in to do whatever they want.

Cheat codes are nice, but the true fun is combining cheat codes. So when doing so, play around with different combinations. Entering cheat codes is a combination of buttons, and once you learn them you can use them multiple times. Some cheats can be entered in multiple times to increase or change the severity of the cheat. An example is the slow mode cheat where entering it once makes it slow mode, but enter it again it's twice as slow, and there are four levels of how slow you can make everything.


Explosive Melee Attack
This cheat code makes punch and kick connections into a one-hit knock out that sends victims flying into the air in a flame of glory. Run up on a cop or a civilian and one-punch them. When you do this you can put together a combination of punches to keep the victim in the air.

Super Jump
The super jump cheat code will allow you to do exactly what it says. You can jump super high and super far. If you are in a bad situation you can literally jump away from everything. This cheat used with other cheat codes is extremely fun.

This code will only last five minutes, but you can re-enter it whenever you want. Pretty self explanatory: no fall damage and you can't die. Get into a crazy murder massacre and don't have to worry about dying.

This cheat will literally spawn you very high in the air and you will began a freefall. I like using this cheat to allow me to free fall and land on top of very high buildings, which will be useful for the next cheat.

Spawn Various Vehicles
When entering in the cheat for respective vehicle, it will spawn in front of you. Get on top of a building and spawn a vehicle and you can do some pretty awesome launches off of high buildings.

Weapon/Ammo and Max Health/Armour
So this is my all-time favorite cheat code. Start a murder spree and raise your wanted level. When you are low on health quickly enter this code in and you are replenished. The max weapon and ammo isn't needed as much as the max health/armour. Learn these codes and while on murder sprees it becomes a game within a game to enter these codes on the run while killing as many cops as possible.


Cheat codes are an amazing way to keep the game fun after you have beat single player of GTA5.