Every BlizzCon is a feast of the senses for gamers—days filled with thousands of fans enjoying contests, cosplay, game announcements, developer panels, and much more. Although the first BlizzCon in 2005 hosted a mere 8,000 (or so) fans, that number has more than tripled today, and every BlizzCon promises to be bigger and more epic than last years.So, while you’re getting ready to head out to BlizzCon 2017, let’s revisit some epic BlizzCon moments.


Cosplayers Turn It Up To 11

OK, we can’t really pin this one down to just one BlizzCon. Whether it’s the meticulously detailed Queen of Blades with razor-sharp (looking) wings, or a nine-foot tall rendition of Overwatch’s Reinhardt in full battle armor, BlizzCon cosplayers go all out with some of the most eye-popping, detailed, and beautifully crafted costumes in the world.Blizzard cosplay fans pull out all the stops. World of Warcraft cosplay often dominated the early days as fans dressed as popular WoW NPCs or as their own WoW alter-egos. And World of Warcraft cosplay remains popular to this day, even as newer titles such as Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Overwatch dominate more recent shows (and gaming headlines).

Regardless of inspiration, some of the cosplayers attending BlizzCon are the best of the best, and throw down every year in the BlizzCon cosplay contest.


Excited fans finally get hands-on StarCraft II

"Hell, it’s about time."

The announcement trailer that made this line famous was revealed in May 2007 when Blizzard formally revealed StarCraft II at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational event in South Korea. Marking one of the most anticipated trailers ever releasedBut it was BlizzCon 2007 when Blizzard showcased a very limited but playable 2v2 StarCraft II featuring Terrans and Protoss, giving excited fans their first chance to play the game they’d waited nearly a decade for.

Despite being a ‘teaser’ build, it was enough to thrill fans and ignite gaming press for the next three years—which Blizzard fanned with continued reveals over the following months and years: new units, game features, and more trickled out, up until StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was finally, momentously released in July 2010.


StarCraft II World Championship

BlizzCon 2016 featured an epic StarCraft II showdown, where Alex "Neeb" Sunderhaft of the United States made a bid to bring the StarCraft II World Title to America. Unfortunately, he was dispatched in the quarter finals—leaving two StarCraft II titans to square off in a classic battle of Terrans vs. Zerg: Terran Byun "ByuN" Hyun-woo, vs. Zerg Park "Dark" Ryung-woo.

Who would be crowned the world champion of StarCraft II?
In one the biggest eSports championships ever, ByunH took the crown in a 4-2 victory. It was a pulse-pounding conclusion to the StarCraft II World Championship that prepared us for more action that leads us to…


Overwatch World Cup and Overwatch eSports League announced

BlizzCon 2016 marked the creation of the Overwatch eSports League, and the first Overwatch World Cup. South Korea again crushed the competition and took the Championship (Russia and Sweden were 1st and 2nd runners up, respectively).

More importantly, this set the stage for the Overwatch 2017 World Cup, where 8 countries—China, France, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom—will square off once again.

Can anyone topple the dominant South Koreans this year? Get ready to find out. These are just a few favorite moments from various BlizzCons over the years—but every BlizzCon is packed with exciting news, eSports events, Cosplay, and so much more. There is something for virtually every Blizzard fan. We would love to hear about your favorite moment from BlizzCon or what you can’t wait for in 2017.