Hold onto your hats, folks: ASUS ROG is making its triumphant return to BlizzCon® as...

We’re Back!
We’re back, we’re bold and we’re beautiful! ASUS ROG is arriving to BlizzCon as not only the official motherboard sponsor of the event, but also the official laptop sponsor as well. The last time we attended as a formal BlizzCon sponsor was during ASUS ROG’s five-year anniversary. And now, both BlizzCon and ASUS ROG are celebrating their 10-year anniversaries, too! We’re happy to return with open arms to not only be a huge part of the BlizzCon experience, but to meet up with loyal fans like you.


What Motherboards?
We’re the official motherboard sponsor for Blizzcon with our X99-A II and our Z170 Pro! Every custom built rig at BlizzCon will contain one of these motherboards for optimized performance and superior sound. If you would like to find out more information about these two Motherboards, you can take a look at the X99-A II’s product page or the Z170 Pro’s page!


What Laptop?
The ROG Strix GL502 is the official laptop of BlizzCon, and will be tasked with heavy lifting behind-the-scenes (though you may see it pop up here-and-there, we'll keep you updated). A light machine that packs a punch, the GL502 features an Intel Core i7 processor and has recently been upgraded to new Pascal graphics. To learn more about the GL502, visit its product page here!

Heroes Never Die!
As you have probably seen on the BlizzCon site, there are no more tickets to the event itself, but that doesn’t mean you’re left out of the BlizzCon experience! You can purchase Virtual Tickets on their website to be able to get the latest news, contests, interviews and more, that will be happening live from the Anaheim Convention Center. Also, keep an eye out on ROG Arena as we’ll be posting about what we’ll be doing at our booth along with information about our on-site giveaway! Who knows, we might even start our giveaway before BlizzCon even starts. Stay tuned!