One of the most iconic games and founding fathers of the first-person shooter genre has been remade in 2016 with new maps, next generation graphics/lighting, and extreme gory detail. DOOM, which was originally released in December of 1993, got a completely new release in 2016 by the same studio "id software." Built from the ground up, DOOM brings you new innovative ideas while also keeping the original arena shooter mechanics in place. I have over 32 hours in the game and have spent a lot of time trying different weapons and load-outs. I’m going to go over the different weapons in DOOM (2016) and talk about what each weapon can bring to your specific style of gameplay.


BFG9000 - The BFG is a plasma cannon that shoots a green blast of plasma that will do an extremely high amount of damage to the demons or players that are affected. This gun is a power weapon pick-up in multiplayer, but can also be obtained in campaign to help take down those hard-to-kill bosses. Having a BFG in multiplayer can completely swing the momentum of a game and even allow your team to get map control for the next Demon Rune.

Burst Rifle - (multiplayer only) The Burst Rifle is exactly what it sounds like: a burst fire assault rifle that can obtain large amounts of damage due to its high accuracy and low recoil. The burst rifle can be used to control parts of the map that have high ground. This weapon can definitely apply enough pressure to force the other team to make changes.

Chaingun - The Chaingun is a mini-gun that must charge up in order to start shooting. Once it is charged up, it can output a large amount of damage to targets up-close. Be careful when using this weapon in the open because it slows your movement while shooting. The Chaingun is a popular pick in multiplayer due to its easy-to-use mechanics. Keep in mind that you can charge up without shooting by holding right-click. This weapon is also really useful in campaign due to its long strand of constant damage. You can definitely give those demons a hard time.

Chainsaw - The Chainsaw is an insta-kill pick-up weapon that can be used to slice and dice your opponents. Keep in mind that there will be an animation when killing someone, so it is important to have teammates watching your back when using it. You can easily be flanked. The loud noise also gives away the position of the user so keep that in mind before you turn your opponents into chop suey.

Combat Shotgun - The Combat Shotgun is a slug shotgun that can be used at both close and medium ranges. It also has an alternate ability that turns it into a grenade launcher, shooting an explosive that blows up on contact. This is very helpful when someone is chasing you. You can turn and shoot the corner of the ground in order to deal large amounts of splash damage to everyone in the area. Combine this with a frag grenade and you can output a huge AOE (are of effect) to everyone around it.


Frag Grenade - A Frag Grenade is a throwable explosive that can be bounced off walls or thrown into small areas to either flush an enemy out, or even get some kills. The Frag Grenade does around 100 damage to the enemies inflicted and can sometimes even kill someone when they are full-health. Combo your frag tosses with other teammates to make for huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Gauss Cannon - The Gauss Cannon is one of the strongest pick-up weapons in multiplayer. It can be used to easily get 4-5 kills. It is a one-shot (150 dmg) handheld cannon that can completely annihilate someone before they can even react. This weapon is also one of the most helpful weapons in the campaign due to its large amount of damage against demons. Its alternate ability also allows you to see enemies through walls to give you an idea of where enemies are on the map.

Heavy Assault Rifle - An automatic assault rifle that can be used in a few different ways. It can be used as a semi-automatic long-range weapon thanks to its 4x scope. Its alternate ability also allows you to shoot rockets when taking away the scope. This weapon is one of the most diverse weapons in the game and can be very helpful in many different situations.

Hellshot - (Multiplayer Only) The Hellshot is a semi-automatic energy rifle that can be used in both close and long ranges. It doesn't do a lot of damage but can overtime as long as you stay calm and consistent. It has an alternate ability that shoots a flare, making enemies burn overtime for about 5 seconds. Although the flare is hard to time, hitting someone can allow you to do a lot more damage, and even kill someone that is running around corners.

Lightning Gun - (Multiplayer Only) The Lightning Gun is weapon that inflicts damage to enemies over time. The subtle sound of zapping can actually throw you off. It's hard to hear and it's hard to tell what you are taking damage from. This weapon is the ultimate tactical flank gun.


Pistol - (Campaign Only) Semi-automatic sidearm that has unlimited ammo and can be use to kill demons when running low on sources.

Plasma Gun - The Plasma Gun is a fully automatic energy gun that can be used to suppress enemies or do large amounts of damage. The energy projectiles have a travel time so be sure to lead your shots. It also has an alternate ability that shoots a burst of electricity that will do damage over time in the inflicted area. It can be really helpful when players are camping in a small part of the map.

Rocket Launcher - The Rocket Launcher is another popular pick in multiplayer. It shoots rockets that can be detonated at your command at any time. The rockets do splash damage and make it easy to get even 2 or 3 kills if enemies are bunched up. If there are no surfaces to hit with your rocket, shoot it directly at them and then detonate with your alternate ability trigger. Timing is everything.

Siphon Grenade - The Siphon Grenade is a short range AOE projectile that does damage over time and also heals the user for the amount of damage done. This health sustain can help instantly turn a fight in the user's favor.

Static Cannon - (Multiplayer Only) The Static Cannon is a single-fire weapon that has two firing modes. The first one charges up over time as long as the user is moving. The second mode allows you to zoom in to get a better look at your enemies. This weapon requires the user to move around the map in order for it to be successful. Combo this with a Super Shotgun to finish off your opponents.

Super Shotgun - The Super Shotgun is a double-barrel shotgun that does large amount of damage up-close but little-to-none at medium to long ranges. There is also a cool down between shots so it is super important to be accurate. Your alternate firing mode allows you to zoom in a bit in order to get a more accurate shot. This weapon is a great combo weapon with the Combat Shotgun. Just switch to the other in between shots.

Vortex Rifle - The Vortex Rifle is one of the strongest long-range sniper weapons in the game. But don't let "sniper" give you the wrong idea. The Vortex Rifle can also be very effective up-close. There is about a 2-3 second cool down in between shots so make sure to stay accurate. The alternate firing mode allows you to look down the scope and charge up for more damage. You can do up to 3x the damage when it is charged. It also outputs a red laser to see where it is coming from. Use this to your advantage when sniping other Vortex Rifle users.