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Well, LoL fans, after SIX years Riot is updating the current client. It has been much needed and highly anticipated by all of us fans and players. During the 2016 season, Riot will be inviting community members to test out the new alpha that is a complete work-in-progress. At this point, we don't know much about the new client, but let's dig a little deeper into what has been announced and about what to expect. We know that Riot wants LoL to look good, be less buggy, and allow them to add new features, so here is how they are going to do it.

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The biggest change, in my opinion, is the new tech that is coming. Riot is building the new client from the ground up. This will create an experience that is more reliable and responsive. I think we will see a lot less rage quits from our opponents. This also has a hidden bonus for us as players: since Riot will be 100% in control of the new client, they will be able to develop and deliver new features to us much more seamlessly. Perhaps we will begin to see new champions in the future, or a replay system? While Riot has said there won't be any new features at launch, they are continuously developing new features that we will hopefully get to see shortly after the launch of the new client. This is because, with the new set up, they will be able to prioritize and add new stuff much easier later on.

In the new client, there will be a much more streamlined appearance as well. Everything will be clear, visually appealing, and consistent. Riot is adding in some new visuals, which I am hoping will bring more ease of navigation to the game and menu screens. They haven't released too much about this yet, and more info will come available as the alpha progresses, but the Profile section is going to be all about your identity as a player (including match history and stats). While the Collection section will contain all the things you have unlocked, your champions, skins, runes, and masteries.


With the new updates, staying connected with all your LoL friends is going to become much easier. You will now be able to see your friends list, and even message them without opening up the full client. This will allow you to stay in the know and launch into games with just one click. This will completely let you download the new patch while being able to continue conversations with friends. Another awesome thing that is in the works is an easier way to find friends. This is a much needed improvement so that we can all play LoL together and, ya know, hold hands and such.

Another new thing we can already see in the works is the new Team Builder. It is a much more streamlined process. You know those days where you just want to play a certain champion - Ezreal, perhaps? Well, with Team Builder, you can decide that in advance, and then search for a team that will be a good fit. We all know that when you have a champion you are comfortable with you feel like the match will always go in your favor. Team Builder has made it so that instead of focusing on who you are going to play, your team can focus on a strategy for domination.


The best news for all of this: Riot is aiming to have the new client completely stable and operational this year. Again, no date has been announced, but hopefully we know more in the next few months as they process through a few rounds of the alpha.